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Arrival at Seitung Harbour

Seitung Harbour, the entrance to the East. Our ship rolled and rocked as it approached the long wooden peir. Brother Mhenlo standing beside me with feet splayed, breathed in deeply but his young face seemd worried as he stared grimly ahead. Once more his fingers brushed the foldied piece of paper tucked into his shirt.


White Chocolate & Gingerbread Star Trees

Just in time for Christmas, is a cute little treat that the little ones might like to help with. It’s a little Christmas tree made of gingerbread stars that have been decorated with some simple white icing -made with pure icing sugar so it sets hard and some sprinkles. The stars are then joined together to form a tree with melted white chocolate and more white chocolate is drizzled over the top of the tree. You will need a star cutter set similar to this one from ebay which you should be able to find in most craft stores. The set that I used for this tree has only 5 stars.

For the recipe and full instructions see the page


Basic Cake Pops

Today I made some basic cake pops. I had never made these before, been meaning to but never got around to it. Been researching tips and ideas for them. Didn’t like the idea of having to purchase another piece of equipment to bake them – it’s just cake right? Hmm apparently not. I did find however an easy method of doing them.

For more including step by step instructions and recipe see the full post at



Uh oh!

Requests have been scary today. Recipes not enough apparently people actually want a video channel! AGGH! Is this a good idea? I may need to enlist help of someone for camera work.

After some requests, an update

I have had some requests for some new short stories, so they are on the way. I’ve also had requests for baking blog, so I have revamped the menu and will be adding some to this section. Hopefully I have moved everything around correctly to make room for the change in the menu and will be back soon.