Caendrin’s Song

Caendrin emerged from the shadows, for a moment a shaft of white moonlight illuminated her pale face, she adjusted the hood of her cloak, protecting herself from what was to come. It would not do for her to be seen tonight, but her task could not be delayed. The enchantment had to be placed this night, the first moon of the festival of Nerissa. The lake appeared frozen, encrusted with white gems that shone in the moonlight. She stepped out, lightly, gracefully, trusting that the ice would be whole, as she walked steadily, almost gliding in her smooth movements to the centre of the lake, she began to hum softly. Her voice, low at first, soft and musical became louder and stronger. Her breath misted in front of her, catching snowflakes as they drifted down around her, freezing them solid.

An eddie of snow began around her ankles, rising and falling with her song, as she raised her arms above her head, caught up in the song of exhultation she opened her heart and mouth wide. The flurry of snow grew around her, twisting faster and faster until she was hidden from sight and still her song continued, a cry of extasy as the power infused her, inflamed her, engulfed her. Pain mixed with pleasure as always pain came with the pleasure, and she fell to her knees exhausted.

Weakly, she ran a gloved hand over the ice and peered deep into the smoothness. Shadows, visions filled her. Danger, there was always danger. A man with dark brown hair wearing the armour of the Knights of Janthir – that was obvious. A woman wearing a many striped gown, a golden ring pressed to her lips as she kneeled over him, was it him or a different Knight – what did it matter? A dark haired youth. She looked up, truly frightened and saw it was no vision, the boy was there, staring at her. She raised her hand, ready to kill, to freeze his heart. But she paused, looking at him and slowly rose to her feet, beckoning him to come across the lake to her. The boy obeyed.





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