The Shadow Lengthens

Part Four and the final installment of the Seraphim series.


Sorcery has been outlawed in Japthir for centuries, yet a witch has been captured. Surely she is too young to be a true witch? Pietrs problems increase when he discoveries that the abomination in his dungeons is his former childhood sweetheart Merrah.
Brought before the Lord Captain Commander of the Knights of Japthir, Merrah is stunned to discover that the man who holds her life in his hands is her former childhood friend Pietr Liderman. Merrah’s troubles increase when she uncovers a plot to kill him from within his own circle of soldiers. Can she warn him in time? Will he believe her or consider it to be a trap?

Daemon’s time in the Underworld is almost over. Soon he will have the power over life and death. Soon he will be able to heal his ailing grandmother. Nothing matters now but the power at his fingertips. There is just one thing that stands in his way – The Temple of the Knights of Japthir. He must destroy them … his plans proceed according to the old prophecy – until he discovers who now leads the Knights. Can he kill his former best friend?


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