Construction done, volunteers needed for critism

I’ve now laid out the basic construction of a new story, based on yet another dream. This one is a bit of a psychic thriller and involves a ghost. But I have never written anything in this genre before so would welcome tips, ideas and most of all critique.


Mistaken Identity

Katie is heavily pregnant with her second child, together with her husband she feels blessed. Her life is turned upside down when Matthew’s rescue helicopter crashes into the ocean during a dangerous rescue attempt. A weekend away to stay with a friend opens up a new friendship, and places a little girls life in danger. A child has been kidnapped en route to the hospital for specialist treatment, can the police find her in time?

Mistaken Identity


Escape from Veela First Chapter

After finding my Fantasy folder (yay for not yet formatting old computer). I have updated this site with the first chapter of Escape from Veela.

Ben “Stalker” Wilson, former Marine and survivor of the Mars wars is on a prison ship enroute to the new prison camp. On the wrong side of the law. Convicted of the murder of his pregnant wife, how can he prove his innocence and keep the survivors together long enough to get to the old base camp. Worse than that, can he recover the Alnitak before the Skaarj realise what they have stolen – along with the ships captain?

A Unreal fan fic.


Sarah receives a call from a lawyer about her grandfathers estate, it seems her grandfather who Sarah never knew has left her the entire property. Over a luncheon meeting, the lawyer Simon says he grew up in the area and is heading home for a few days, offering to take Sarah out to view the property. Sarah agrees and thinks Simon may have more on his mind than just touring.

First steps …

Going to try a free WordPress blog and see if that will work for me any better than the current setup – plus it may allow me to get the Jetpack options installed on the work wordpress site – who knows?

So this is a free template, will check out some settings and see how it goes, would like to be able to find a nice colourful template to use. I do like the colour scheme of the one I have been using – and it does need to be upgraded to its own site – keeping my writing away from my other business stuff.

This blog will presumably be, and is linked to Twitter (which is linked to Facebook), see how it works.

OK enough rambling, let’s post this!