Sarah receives a call from a lawyer about her grandfathers estate, it seems her grandfather who Sarah never knew has left her the entire property. Over a luncheon meeting, the lawyer Simon says he grew up in the area and is heading home for a few days, offering to take Sarah out to view the property. Sarah agrees and thinks Simon may have more on his mind than just touring.

Arriving at Willaura, Sarah meets the gorgeous farm manager Jack. Jack and Simon hate each other on sight. Simon says Jack is just jealous of his looks and money – and that Simon’s father purchased Jacks parents farm after the bank foreclosed on the mortgage. Jack says Simon is just a wanker and should go back to the city and leave farming to those who know what they are talking about.

Simon’s sister, Melonie, is also home for a few days before jetting off overseas on another modelling assignment. Melonie admits she has feelings for Jack, and although she would never settle down on the farm again, she wouldn’t mind adding Jacks name to her book.

Simon’s parents are the largest landowners in the district, their wealth and power show Sarah a world she has never known. A world of luxury, she begins to understand why Simon and Jack hate each other.

Alone working on the farm with Jack, Sarah begins to realise just how much the place meant to her grandfather – and to Jack.

Simon makes her an offer on behalf of his father – an offer Sarah is tempted to accept. What does she know about farming? Jack has made it clear, he wants a place of his own, but he can’t match Simons’ fathers offer.

Willaura – The property is named after Sarah’s great grandparents who settled the farm over 100 years ago. William and Laura.

Sarah must choose Simon or Jack. The farm or a return to the city.


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