Friends plus more

Angela smiled contentedly and stretched out her long legs in the bed, licking her lips she rolled over onto her side and watched as Danny rose and picked up his jeans from where he had thrown them in their passion, hunger and need for each others body. He was tall, she liked them tall, but he was a bit too slim, his body toned and muscular, athletic. She pushed away the pang of guilt she always felt afterwards, he was young, too young; almost young enough to be her son.

Danny leaned over her, and grinned before kissing her lips, she allowed herself to melt, to relax and succumb to the pleasure of his touch. “I’ve got to get to work.” He whispered almost as if he wished he could stay, but he pulled away, turning on the shower in the adjoining bathroom. “What have you got on for today?”

“Not much.” Angela mused, tying the dressing gown around her waist. At 42 she was still in trim shape, but she was aware of the saggy spots, her breasts and thighs and that horrible patch of cellulite she could not shift from her butt; no matter how many crunches she did. “A couple of appointments, but you never know.” She smiled to herself, she managed her own cleaning business from home, it was hard work, but it helped keep her in shape.

She smacked his backside playfully and stepped into the shower with him, he laughed and squirted her with the hand held rose and then leaned forwards to suck on her breasts. Arching her back, she let the warmth of the water and his tongue inflame her, feeling wanton. Danny was a good lover, he was great in bed.

She gasped as he picked her up effortlessly, the cold of the tiled wall was like a shock to her warm skin and then gasped again as he slid inside her once more. Danny grinned at her, his dark brown eyes full of mischief and he laughed throatily, pumping in and out of her quickly to bring himself hard once more.

Angela’s teeth scraped along his neck and Danny laughed once more. “Like it rough, do you?” He teased, pushing her off him and turning her around so that her back faced him. Danny slapped her buttocks, forcing her legs apart and pushed himself hard inside her so that she cried a little. It hurt so good to feel him so big and deep inside her.

Danny pushed down on her lower back with one hand, while the other grasped a hip, holding her against him. Angela’s body contorted in pleasure as her fingers sought out the pea shaped clitoris. She fingered it quickly, groaning softly, wondering for a split second if there was something wrong with her as she could not seem to get enough of this, enough of Danny.

Her toes started to curl and her mind went blank as a wave of pleasure tore through her body and she shuddered. It was her second climax that morning and she felt like crawling back into bed. Her legs buckled as she towelled herself dry and gave a girlish giggle.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” Danny grinned and kissed her once more as he grabbed his shirt and disappeared out the back door towards the granny flat in the back yard that she rented to him. It had been a strange arrangement. After the divorce, and the kids left, what was she supposed to do with the house and the flat? There had been an advertisement in the local paper, a landscape gardener looking for somewhere cheap to rent. His name had been Steve, then she had rented to a couple of university students, a couple from the country who had moved down to the city. They hadn’t lasted long, and then along had come Danny, a smart shot at a local advertising agency. He was gorgeous looking, with long dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. He had moved into the granny flat at the start of the year – and her bed a month later.

There was nothing emotional about it, he had come over to borrow some sugar and she’d been about to dish up supper and they’d got talking about food, and somehow over a glass of red, the topic had turned to why they were both single, and then things had progressed. It wasn’t as if they were together all the time, but more of a mutual understanding of the others need for physical affection.

The morning seemed to go quickly, although she hadn’t much on, she had her own housework to catch up on, plus accounts and phone calls. After sorting out the rosters, she leaned back in her padded chair, sucking on the end of her pen as she heard the back door open. Danny’s eyes were glazed as he tore off his suit coat, throwing it at the couch as he lunged for her, sweeping her into his arms and carrying her to the kitchen, his teeth scraping her neck hungrily. Like a man possessed, his hands tore at her clothes, frantically needing her. She giggled and kissed him, holding her long brown hair out of the way.

“What’s got into you?” She giggled, lifting her hips off the kitchen counter so he could remove her pants and kickers.

Danny didn’t reply. His kiss was hot and heavy as his tongue explored her mouth and his hands squeezed her large breasts together, fumbling for the clip that would release them of their bonds. Free of their constraints, he cupped his hands around them, feeling the weight of them in his hands and groaned as his tongue flickered across the pink puckered flesh.

Angela laughed, tilting her head back, thoroughly enjoying the sensation. She wriggled down further on the bench, lying on her back with her feet dangling over the edge and gasped as Danny nestled his head between her thighs. She loved oral sex and she groaned. Not many young guys seemed to enjoy eating older woman, but Danny, Danny seemed to love it.

She moved her head away from the side of the hotplates, last thing she wanted to was set her hair on fire – imagine trying to explain that to the fireman? The image of Danny dressed as a fireman going down on her was driven from her mind by his tongue lapping at her hungrily. She could feel the tension in her toes. Always it started in her toes and then her legs started cramping.

“Oh god.” She groaned, her fingers tangling in his shaggy hair. She bit her fist between her teeth, tried to blot it out, enjoy it but make it last longer. “Oh god!” she groaned a louder, followed by another, and then another. Her fingernails scraped his skin, talon marks along his back, as she threw her head back, her whole body, shaking and quivering with the giant orgasm.

Danny laughed, grinning at her as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and slapped her buttocks. She rolled over and onto the floor, hanging onto the bench for support. Still feeling her body tremble as her legs refused to support her weight.

He pushed down on her back, bringing her body back against his hard. He was so big, so hard and she gave a little cry as he forced his member deep inside her. Smacking her hips, he pushed her head down still further. With both hands on her hips, he held her firm and tight. Drumming in and out of her like a hammer. Harder and deeper with each thrust, grunting himself with the effort. Then one hand slid around the front to massage her clitoris as he leaned over her. The corners of the bench dig into her flesh, but it was all she could do to grip the corners tightly and groan through it.

It felt so wonderful, feeling him so deep, so far inside her. Breathtaking. Her breath came shorter and shorter and her left leg once again began to tremble. He brought her back up against him, his chest against her back and still he ploughed into her, lifting her off her feet with each thrust. Playfully, his teeth nipped at her ear.

As he pulled out, a squelching sound followed and she felt her face heating. But oh god she was so wet. Danny turned her around, facing him, he lifted her off the floor effortlessly as she wrapped her legs around his torso. Her head went backwards, eyes flickering in pleasure as he slid inside her easily. This was too good. Too wonderful. It wouldn’t last, couldn’t last.

Danny paused, as if getting his breath back and then placed her once more on the kitchen counter, she wrapped her legs around him once more, drawing him back inside her, back where he belonged, where he felt so good. He leaned over her, giving a low shuddering groan and lay spent, exhausted. She could feel him still pulsating deep inside her. And clenched her lips. Oh god, they hadn’t used a condom. Still the likely hood of her getting pregnant at her age.

His lips claimed hers and she melted in submission. All was perfect. They had the perfect arrangement. She just couldn’t help but feel as if something was off. She stroked his cheek with a finger and smiled at him. “You needed that.” She smirked.

Danny licked his lips, but nodded and pulled away, grabbing a tea-towel from the stove to wrap around his still dripping cock. “There’s this new girl in the office.” He crooned. “Oh god, Angie, you should see her.”

Angie’s heart sank for a moment and then she felt guilty. Sliding off the bench, she placed her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “Go for it.” She smiled.

“Yes, but…” Danny began.

“But what?” Angie smiled at him, clasping his head in her hands. “You’re a great guy, and great in bed – or anywhere else for that matter.” She grinned at him. “Go for it, what have you got to loose?”

* * * * * *

“Fuck.” Angie swore under her breath as heads swivelled in her direction. She fished for the phone in her handbag and quickly turned it off and then smiled at the man in front of her. Danny looked gorgeous, dressed in a white suit, his dark curls framing his beautiful face. She felt her heart soar with love and pride for him, and then a pang of guilt, feeling red flame her face as Danny took the hand of the girl standing next to her as twitters of laughter rose among the small group. Casey was just as gorgeous as her future husband. Tall and leggy with long brown hair and the most brilliant green eyes Angie had ever seen.

“If that is the only?” The priest asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Angie waved and shook her head.

“Then if there are no objections?” The priest asked once more. “May I now pronounce you … man and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

Angie smiled contentedly as Danny claimed his bride. She was happy for him. Truly happy. She smiled as she squeezed the hand of the young man sitting next to her. Danny had moved out three months ago, as Terry had moved in.








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