It was one of those most awful days; I was just 19 and worked as a waitress serving tables at a local diner. Monika was my boss daughter, we were about the same age, and we had been friends in High School together, actually it was Monika who got me the job.

My boyfriend Brad, the College quarterback came into the diner with some friends and sponged a free meal off me. Not the first time he had done it, I don’t mind paying for him on his own, but he had Karen with him.

Karen just has to be the sluttiest girl I have ever met! She used to be a cheerleader, head cheerleader to be exact, and she is quite proud to say she has slept with every boy on campus…apart from Brad. And she wanted him, I knew it.

Brad had always ignored her come on looks in the past, but I knew something was different. They were very giggly, heads together over a bowl of ice cream. He even ate off her spoon, it was so sickening.

She was always making remarks too about my weight, not that I’m that much over weight. Five pounds maybe, but compared to Karen I look like a house. I’m a solid build and muscular where as she’s petite and as thin as a rake.

I should have known seeing them together at lunchtime that things would only get worse. But Mr. Zurek saw me staring at them and said he was paying me to work not stare at the customers. Then later when Brad told me that she couldn’t pay and would I fix up the bill for her – she promised to pay me back later…but we both knew she wouldn’t. Mr. Zurek got even madder with me. Like it was my fault in the first place!

And things did get worse, that afternoon, I dropped the huge soup bowl. Mr. Zurek went right off at me; it had been a present from his mother back in Greece. Well, how was I supposed to know! Not like I deliberately threw it on the floor anyway.

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Brad comes back in to the diner and starts yelling at me, in front of everyone! Accusing me of sleeping with his best friend Jason of all things. Jason was big, 300lbs if anything! If anyone was screwing Jason, it wasn’t me!

Mr. Zurek lost his temper with me after that and ordered me to go outside and clean the windows, even though it was starting to rain. I went anyway, he was giving me this “refuse to do it and you’ll lose your job look.”

Two hours later, I was soaking wet, but thankfully it was nearly closing time. Brad was supposed to be picking me up and taking me home, but I could kiss my ride goodbye now and had a walk to the bus station to think of instead.

Walking back into the diner, Monika was locking up.
“Hey there.” She said smiling at me.

“Hi.” I replied disconsolately.

“You look terrible.”

“Thanks, I feel it too.” Sniffing, I felt as if I wanted to cry.

“Rachel, what ever is the matter?” She said warmly, wrapping her arms around me. I snuggled up to her and cried, telling her everything that happened. She looked at me sadly and brushed the tears away.

“You deserve a better guy than that, and you had better get out of those wet things, you’re freezing.”

“Thanks Mon.” I said softly, pulling away from her.
“But I think I had better…achoo!”

“You had better come upstairs with me now and get out of those wet things, or you won’t be able to come to my birthday party tomorrow, hmm?”

I smiled and laughed.
“But I don’t have anything to change into.”

“Let me worry about that hun, come.”

Without letting me say another word, she pulled me towards the staircase that led up to the apartment above. Locking the door behind me, she grinned conspiratively, waggling her eyebrows.
“Papa has gone out, yes, we are all alone.”

I laughed and followed her up the stairs. Mon really was a lot of fun to be around. I hadn’t been upstairs before, but I knew that Mrs. Zurek had died a few years before. Monika and her father looked after themselves, so I was expecting the place to look like ours at home when Dad was left in charge for a few hours. But I was surprised to find the place spotless.

“Oh wow Mon, what a view!”

“You like yes?”

She smiled and stood beside me, her arm around my waist as we looked out over the city skyline as the city’s lights lit up the night sky.

“It’s beautiful.”

“And you are wet. Come.” She turned me to face her and undid my jacket, sliding it over my shoulders.

“What a pretty blouse, is that a Giovanni original?”

“No!” I laughed.
“It is pretty though, one of my favorites.”

“Almost as pretty as its owner.” Monika smiled as she unbuttoned it. As she did so, her finger traced over the top of my bra, barely touching my skin. I shivered at her touch and gazed up at her. Realizing for the first time how sensual she was. Gently she eased my blouse off over my shoulders, but so slowly like I was precious silk and she did not wish to harm me by even touching me. I had never felt anything like it.

“There is nothing quite like white lace.” She said softly, running her hand lightly over my breast to unfasten the clip. She slid them down exposing me, and then brushed my hair back over my shoulders.
“Exquisite.” She whispered, touching me once again, so softly.


Cupping my face in her hand she and leaned over me, her lips only a fraction away from mine. I could feel her breath on my face. I had never wanted anyone to kiss so much before. But then hers lips touched mine, and she was so gentle, so sweet. I crumbled in her arms.

Warm arms slid around me, and I realized how cold I was pressed hard against her warm body. My jeans felt like ice on my legs, the rest of me was on fire. I kissed her hungrily.

“Patience.” She smiled and pushed me away slightly.
“Is more fun to go slow, yes?”

“Yes.” I breathed, hardly daring to take my eyes off hers.

Unbuttoning my jeans, she eased them slowly over my hips and down my legs. Pulling off my shoes and socks. I met hers eyes again, wearing only my knickers; I placed my arms around her neck and kissed her again. Her mouth opened at the touch of my tongue and I slid my tongue over hers. She was so soft and sweet, and her hands gripped my butt in an iron grip, pressing me hard against her.

She kissed her way down my neck and across one breast, flicking my nipple with her tongue as she gently massaged the other one. I moaned softly, letting the air out slowly and arched my back at her gentle touch. As she bit my nipple firmly between her teeth and pulled her head back stretching it my moan increased as her fingers caressed me through my now soaking wet panties.

Kissing me again, her tongue explored my mouth, flicking over my tongue as she sucked on my lower lip. I sat down on the couch behind me, and Monika followed, kneeling between my legs. She pushed my panties aside and rubbed my clit very gently with her finger before sliding it inside my. My muscles contracted tight around her, squeezing her tight.

“You like, yes?” She said softly with a smile.

“Oh, yes.” I grinned back.

Sliding three fingers inside me, I groaned loudly and arched my back against the cusions, my pussy walls were stretched tight as she thrust harder and harder into me, the whole time her thumb moved quickly across my clit. It was all I could do to hold onto her shoulder and moan. Lifting my hips as she tugged at my panties, she slid them down and onto the floor with the rest of my sodden clothes.

Monika smiled and blew gently across me, then her tongue flickered over my clit and I screamed in pleasure. Mon only laughed and began licking up my juices like a cat eating cream. Sucking on my clit, she stuck her tongue further and further into me. I rocked my hips as she licked more and more juice. I could feel the orgasm starting to build already and my groans increased.

“Mon, mon, mon!” I screamed as she kept licking and sucking me. My body couldn’t take it any more and with a final scream I shuddered, my body convulsing with the size of the explosion.

“You taste so sweet.” Monika said softly, opening up the drawer on the table by the couch. She pulled out the biggest strap on dildo I had ever seen, 14 inches long and at least 4 inches around.

“Oh God!” I said staring at it.
“Mon, you’ll never get that…” But my words died unspoken as she tied the monster around her and pushed my legs wider apart, smacking my buttocks.

“Breathe deeply.” She smiled, stroking it lovingly. She placed one of my legs high on her chest and slowly pushed her way inside me. I held onto the arms of the couch and groaned loudly. It was so big, I felt as if I was being torn in two. And then she started thrusting, I was panting out of breath as orgasm after orgasm racked my body. Every thrust seemed to send me higher and higher.


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