Texas Train Ride

Placing the newspaper on the seat beside me, I glanced out the window at the small country town. Not quite a booming town, but there were definite signs that the place was growing – and growing quickly. Three new buildings stood side by side, next to the railway station and a fourth looked not far from completion. Solid wood construction with good iron for a roof. A group of young boys ran down the hard baked mud path along side the station, whooping and hollering as they chased each other and a mangy looking dog. Harried mothers broke apart where they had been standing in a small group, discussing what ever it was that women spoke of. Grinning, I relit my pipe and settled back in the seat again. We still had a long ways to go to reach Houston.

As I reached for the paper again, the sight of something black moving between the others on the streets caught my eye. A young girl, not much more than twenty I guessed from the brief glimpse I caught of a pretty face beneath a black bonnet. Her corset pulled her in, she was tiny, even smaller than the regulation 19” my wife was always complaining about. Looking at her, I felt an odd stirring. It had been a long time since my wife had looked that young and pretty.

Blonde she was too, just like my Elizabeth. Blonde, blue eyed and buxom. Her eyes darted anxiously at the train as the whistle blew. Her pretty mouth flew open and gripping her skirts in a most unladylike fashion, she ran for it. Her ankles were shapely too, like the rest of her. Rising from my seat, I threw open the door to my carriage and held out my hand.

The girl smiled at me as she placed that little hand in mine, she was no weight at all as I pulled her into the carriage. As that lithe young body hit mine, I grinned again at her, taking the opportunity to run my hand down her spine as she settled her self. Those blue eyes met mine for an instant, a slight widening of the eyes and mouth almost pouting.

The girl flushed prettily, tinges of pink accentuating her youth. “Thank you.” She murmured and straightened her skirts. They were of a good make I noticed, good material (new) and well sewn. She took the seat opposite me and glanced quickly out the window as the train rocked moving away from the platform slowly.

“My pleasure.” I murmured, resuming my seat. The girl flushed and smoothed her skirts once more, not that they needed it. Picking up my newspaper, I studied her unobtrusively. My first guess at her age was off by a few years, she had to be no older than eighteen as she removed her bonnet, placing it on the seat beside her and curling her feet up underneath her black skirt as she stared out the window at the passing country side.

“I’ve never been on a train before.” She said softly, and smiled at me. “Papa –“

What ever it was that Papa had always said was forgotten as the train lurched around a corner and she almost fell onto my knee. She would have fallen onto the floor, if I hadn’t taken the liberty of grabbing onto her elbow.

She gave a little squeak and looked at me, her great big cornflower blue eyes and those rosebud lips trembling. “Thank you … I-“ She muttered again, her face flushing once more.

“Your papa die recently?” I asked, folding the newspaper again. She was in mourning dress after all.

Again she flushed and shook her head, staring out the window. “Widowed.” She said quietly. “Are you married?”

“Fifteen years this Spring.” I said quietly and removed my hat. “Least we would have been…” I sighed expressively.

The girl nodded knowingly and her eyes met mine once more. Hers were tinged with sadness and she sighed. “John and I were married only a few months, he went away you see … the farm wasn’t making enough money, so he … he said he could make more money mining gold … but –“

“But?” I asked, feeling curious.

Her blue eyes burned with a strange fire. “The mine collapsed.” She said quietly. “He went in to try and rescue someone else, and got trapped.” A tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away with a gloved finger.

Smiling softly at her, I crossed the small distance between our seats and sat beside her, patting her hand consolingly. “It happens.” I murmured, aware of the thickening of my voice. Her skin was soft and smelled of lavender. Those great blue eyes met mine and I saw the questioning look in her eyes. Another tear rolled down her porcelain face and I placed an arm around her shoulder, drawing her body close to mine. She paused, tensing and then relaxed, snuggling those great breasts against my chest.

“I’m sorry … I … I shouldn’t have spoken like this to a stranger.” She murmured, her tears dampening my shirt, as she snuggled up against me in a most alluring way. Her great big blue eyes met mine again, and those red lips pouted. “I feel as if I can trust you.” Her voice came in a breathy whisper, as her eyes scanned my face beseechingly.

My fingers tangled in a strand of blonde hair nestling beside her ear, and I cleared my throat. Slowly my fingers traced over her jaw and down over her slender neck. She was a pretty piece. “The first few months are the worst.” I murmured, forcing my hands to stillness. Those breasts, so close, so tempting.

She nodded and moved slightly on the seat, her hand resting on my thigh. She looked up at me, her face flushing crimson. “Would you?” She asked and then looked away. “It’s … it’s a lot to ask … particularly of a stranger. But would you kiss me? It’s been so long since John went away and-“

I stifled the low groan in my throat and leaned forward. She was hesitant, even though she had asked. Her lips soft and sweet touched mine, returning the kiss gently. Smiling softly at her, I pulled away. She flushed again, her fingers stroking my thigh.

Leaning forwards, I kissed her again. She didn’t resist me, her mouth opened slightly and not one for refusing an open invitation, I slid my tongue inside. The warmth of her body felt like fire in my hands as they slid down over those magnificent breasts I had been longing to squeeze.

Warm, soft melons that filled each of my hands. My lips left hers and grazed over that soft white neck. The girl groaned softly, her fingers tracing over my spine as she arched her neck. Fumbling for the buttons on her dress, I felt one tear away from the material, maybe it wasn’t as well made as I first thought. Shoving the button into my pocket, I hoped she wouldn’t notice. I was all too aware of the ache in my trousers.

Blue eyes met mine once more and she trembled, I could see it written on her face as clearly as I knew it was on mine. The girl wanted a good tumbling. Growling, I pushed her back hard against the seat and kissed her firmly, the little vixen returned my kiss hungrily, sliding her arms around my neck as she pulled the tie at my throat undone.

Her dress tore in my hands, I had to see those breasts. Pulling the strings of the corset loose, it came away easily. She gasped as cold air hit her bare flesh, prickling the skin. Licking my lips, I stared down at pure perfection. Soft white flesh, surrounded the puckered pink nipples.

Groaning, I bent my head, sucking on one firmly as an infant. The girl groaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Squeezing the other with my hand, I sucked the nipple into my mouth, biting on it slightly with my teeth. My fingers closed over the mound of flesh in my other hand, squeezing and massaging as hard as I could.

The girl was enjoying every minute of it, she threw back her head and groaned softly, her hands massaging my back encouragingly. Sliding my hand down her taught stomach, I drew up layers and layers of clothing. Muttering softly, my hand slid between her thighs. Warm wetness came through her undergarments. She needed little encouragement to lift her hips from the seat, allowing me to remove them.

Groaning with anticipation, I slid my fingers along her thigh and over the warm furry mound. She gave a little gasp as my fingers slid inside her and arched her back once more, pressing back against my hand as her blue eyes stared into mine. She licked her lips, biting on her bottom lip slightly and pressed back hard, forcing my fingers deeper inside her.

Kissing her bare stomach, I lowered myself to the floor, hunger and need filling me. She smelled so fresh and clean, almost like wildflowers. Not hesitating, I blew softly, gently across the mound of flesh and she giggled softly, her hands pressing on my shoulders.

She knew what was to come, who ever her husband John had been, he had taught her well. All the pity for him, I thought. My teeth grazed on her inner thigh and she groaned once more. “Please.” She whispered, her voice barely audible.

I kissed her flesh, she was sweet. Sweet as sugar. Nestling between her legs, I hooked them up over my shoulder to give me room. She lay back compliant in the seat and licked her lips, her brilliant blue eyes glazing over in hungry anticipation.

Licking over the soft lips, she moaned softly, arching her back against the seat. I pulled her hard against my face and began licking in long slow even strokes. Sliding a finger deep inside her, as I gripped the pink pea sized flesh with my teeth and sucked hard.

She groaned and jumped, her fingernails digging into my back. Releasing my grip on her slightly, I stuck my tongue inside as far as it would go, licking hard and firm. “Mmm, yes.” She groaned, her fingers once more stroking my hair.

Alternating between sucking on the flesh and licking it, her groans grew louder and more insistent. I grabbed hold of her hand and slid it down over her. Her head rolled backwards, as she stroked herself. Sliding my fingers back inside her, I continued licking, moving further downwards to the small circle of puckered flesh.

She groaned loudly as my tongue darted inside and then giggled. Sliding another finger inside her, her flesh stretched as I increased it to three. The swelling in my trousers was getting too much, groaning, I rose to my feet again, kissing the little blonde. Her tongue flickered over mine, and her body was like fire to touch.

Unbuckling my belt, she pushed by trousers down and stared at me, her tongue flickering over her lips with unashamed delight and pleasure at what was before her. “Mmm.” She groaned as she sank to her knees, drawing me in so deep, that I was sure she was going to choke herself. My knees buckled under me and I gripped her shoulder to stop myself from falling over.

“You like that?” She murmured with a sly grin up at me, those big blue eyes shining and tits bouncing.

I must have muttered something because she laughed throatily and gave my cock an almighty squeeze before she sucked me back inside the warmth of her throat. Her fingers grasped my balls, massaging them firmly and one finger slid around to stroke my ass.

Hell that was too much for me, seizing the little vixen by the shoulders, I hoisted her back on to the seat and kissed her hungrily, biting her bottom lip. Her blue eyes met mine, I could see hunger in them. With one hand on my throbbing dick, I pushed her back hard into the seat. I always liked seeing their eyes as I entered. This one was a pure delight. Her eyes widened and then rolled as she thrust hard against me.

Shoving my way inside, I pressed her harder against the seat with my hand on her shoulders, her hands gripped the sides of the seat as her head rolled to one side and she groaned. Her body pressed hard against mine, meeting me thrust for thrust. She was hungry for it, moaning and groaning. A soft white hand slid down over the mound as she rubbed herself.

I lifted her legs over my shoulders, bending her in half as I went in harder. The girls eyes rolled back in her head and she almost screamed. I could feel her body trembling. Sliding out of her, I slapped her buttocks and pushed her over onto her hands and knees.

She knew what was coming and raised herself to meet me, waving that pale bum in the air. She was tight, so tight. Sliding in slowly so as not to hurt her. Pulling her back up against me, I fondled those beautiful breasts once more. One hand sliding down the front to massage her love hole.

Gasping, her hands stroked my face and hair as her body started trembling. I rode with her, feeling the spasms almost taking over. Closing my eyes, I forced myself to think of something else other than the pleasure of her body. Finally unable to bear it any longer, I pulled out of her as she turned, sliding to the floor at my feet and once more her hot mouth closed over my member.

Shuddering, shaking I felt my body explode, white liquid covered her pretty nose and mouth. Murmuring delightedly, she wiped it off her face with her fingers, licking them clean.

Giggling, she began dressing quickly and glanced out the window. I could hardly believe we had made it to the next town already. Pulling her close to me, I kissed those sweet lips once more, feeling her melt against me.

“Thank you.” She whispered, her deep blue eyes met mine.

“My pleasure.” I answered, removing my hat and giving her a small bow.

She licked her fingers once more and smiled at me as the train slowed down. Handing her down off the platform, she winked and blew me a kiss. As the train moved away, I resumed my seat and looked out the window, watching as the small dark shape disappeared towards the row of buildings.

It had been a pleasant day after all, reaching into my pocket to find my pipe, I swore and patted all my pockets. Glancing back up the track towards where the town was now disappearing around the bend in the track.

My wallet was gone.



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