New Year

Her feet hurt, her head hurt, every part of her body seemed to ache. She was too old for this. Standing around on the street corner, listening to one local band after another. Around her the excitement seemed to be building as bodies writhed to the rhythm of whoever was playing now. She had forgotten their name. Her friends drunkenly bumped into her, laughing they struggled to regain their footing.

“Wooo!!!” Adam exclaimed holding a can of JD in the air. His fiancé  Danielle laughed and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately.

Bree smiled at them, but felt sickened at the same time. She shouldn’t have come, she thought for the umpteenth time. She sipped at her own bottle of some mixed drink. It tasted horrible. Cheap and nasty.

“TEN!” Came a yell from the microphone. Oh great, the countdown has started. She shuffled forwards, separating herself from the group. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so conspicuous that she was on her own.


Another roar from the gathering crowd. A bunch of teenagers, drunk and disorderly. They were clutching softdrink cans, but were obviously drunk. They moved off down the road a short way.


Oh boy. Her heart sunk. Memories of Tony filled her. No. She wasn’t going to cry. It was six months since the break up. Oh god, no. Surely he wasn’t here tonight with that … A face floated in front of her as the crowd roared louder than ever.


A face in the crowd. A commiserating smile. Another lonely. She touched his arm. He leaned closer. She felt herself tremble. Oh god, what was she doing, kissing a perfect stranger! But the crowd was still cheering as she pulled back, feeling her face heat. Flushed she looked at him as the disco light fell across his face. Hmm. Not bad. Cute really, and a good kisser. Her face fell. OMG… she was an idiot.

He grinned at her. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to arrest you.” And then he winked as he pulled the radio microphone closer to him. “Stanley Street, yeah quiet here.”

Bree smiled at him, feeling strangely lightheaded. She had kissed a cop. Giggling, she turned back to see her friends, still laughing together. They hadn’t realised she had moved on. She turned back to see the cop smiling almost shyly.

“You um … come here often?” She grinned.

“You here alone, now that is an offence.” He countered and then nodded with his head towards the foreshore. “I get off duty at 2. Names’ Dan.”

Bree nodded. She understood. Perhaps this year would be a good year after all.




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